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How Fucked Up Are You?

It's fucked up but true.

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  1. What do you see in each of these inkblots?

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    A uterus
    The kiss scene from Cruel Intentions
    I spilled coffee on the Mona Lisa and now I'm in trouble :(
    Victorian portraits
  2. Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    Two ships shooting at each other with cannons during a storm
    Shrek and Ultra Shrek posing for a photo
    A Venus flytrap eating all your hopes and dreams
    Someone Super Glued all your childhood toys together
  3. Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    Punctured balloons from a sad child's birthday party
    Daniel picking out a new pair of white Vans
    The last thing you see before you fall asleep at night
    High-school-era Mickey and Minnie Mouse trying to kiss, but their braces got caught
  4. Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    The Jets and Sharks facing off
    That thing when your parents tell you to eat everything on your plate but you don't want to so you just push it to either side with your fork to make it look like you ate more
    Two Yoshis boxing on muscle relaxers
  5. Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    Two ice cream cones melting in 102-degree weather because of FUCKING global warming
    If the Human Centipede guy sewed two heads together instead of a head and a butt
    Everyone can hear your thoughts at all times, didn't you know that?
    A dark tunnel with a light at the end
  6. Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    The Weeknd checking himself out in a window
    When you have an imaginary argument with someone else but only inside your head and you totally tell them off but you have to remind yourself that it's not even real and why are you even stressing yourself out about this?!
    Pottery class
  7. Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    Your eyes after you accidentally see porn in your Tumblr feed
    Two Dr. Seuss characters with funny hats
    Turkeys sitting on Roombas gossiping about you
  8. Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed
    What a middle school fight looks like from above
    The Mothman telling you to come home for dinner
    A goat hesitant to cross a revine
    Your lungs after vaping

How Fucked Up Are You?

You got: Fuuuuuucked Up

Dude, sorry to be *that guy*, but you're, like, fucked UP! I mean, what the hell, man? You really saw all those things? SMDH.

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You got: Kinda Fucked Up

You're a little bit fucked up, but, like, don't worry about it too much.

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You got: Yeah, You're Fucked Up

Oh yeah. You're fucked up, all right. You have a pretty weird imagination, that's for sure.

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You got: Surprisingly Well-Adjusted

Hey, look at that! Not fucked up at all! Actually, that's pretty fucked up.

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