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    23 Of The Best Burns From "That '70s Show"

    "You son of a bitch!"

    1. This face-off between Laurie and Jackie.

    2. When Eric and Laurie battled it out...

    3. the Ultimate Burning Championships.

    4. When Red expressed his deepest indifference.

    5. When Kitty became a hero for all women everywhere.

    6. This classic Red-Eric interaction.

    7. This one, too.

    8. ...This.

    9. When Donna pretty much shut Kelso down.

    10. Jackie's simple, elegant burn.

    11. Fez's perfect one-liner.

    12. When Red really spoke from the heart.

    13. This cheerful-yet-stinging insult from Kitty.

    14. Eric's accidental slight on Donna.

    15. When Hyde was not afraid to show his disdain.

    16. When Eric finally worked up enough courage to get back at Red.

    17. The time Kitty just couldn't take it anymore.

    18. When Hyde proved Kelso was just a really easy target...

    19. ...More than once.

    20. When Fez let out all his anger.

    21. This tactful burn after Eric and Donna's breakup.

    22. When Kelso flat-out burned EVERYONE.

    23. And when Red unleashed the ultimate burn into the world.