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Updated on Mar 5, 2019. Posted on Jul 23, 2017

Can You Mourn The Right Way In The 1800s?

Rules 1, 2 and 3: wear black.

  1. Hello. As you know, you are now officially mourning. Pray tell, who have you lost?

  2. Pray, select a Mourning Buddy to guide you through this long journey.

  3. You must, according to Victorian Mourning Law, Addendum IV, hang an etching on your door that signifies to every passerby you're in mourning. Which will you choose?

  4. The Council of Victorian Mourning would like to send you one free mourning accessory of your choosing. Which will you send for?

  5. Heavens! You mustn't be indecent whilst mourning. Please, put on a bonnet!

  6. Now, select a gorgeously solemn dress of the deepest onyx which will make all other mourners' gowns pale in comparison.

  7. You are, at all times, required to wear a trinket made from your dearly departed's hair. Kindly make your choice.

  8. What will your signature mourning style be?

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