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Jul 2016
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    BCG123 commented on What's The Biggest Penis You've Ever Seen?

    At the beginning of my sophomore year of college, I met this guy from another college who was visiting some friends. We ended up hooking up that night, and his penis was the biggest I had ever seen: at least 10 inches hard. Anyways, fast forward to me going down on him, it was too… 

    4 years ago

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    BCG123 commented on Tell Us The Weirdest Thing You've Accidentally Swallowed

    I swallowed a rock one time when I was 4. My older brother and I were having a contest to see who could fit the most rocks in their mouth and 4-year-old me decided it was a genius idea to swallow a few rocks in order to fit more in my mouth. When my parents found out they took me… 

    5 years ago

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