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The ULTIMATE Breaking Bad Fan Video

Want a good way to remember Breaking Bad. This Super Trailer is the perfect way to sum the show up and to hype yourself (or others) up for viewing the series. WARNING: May contain spoilers for those in the middle of the series.

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Breaking Bad SUPER Trailer

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Breaking Bad: The SUPER Trailer!

The Walter White / Heisenberg ultimate showdown for survival in a race against time has been captured in these 4 epic minutes! A perfect summary of the show, envisioned in a movie format.

I wanted to approach this project as a visual for one story rather than a breakdown of individual episodes / seasons. When I took this project on, I imagined something I might want to show someone who has not seen the series, something to get them excited about committing to the show. I also hope that fans of the show will find this worthy of their Breaking Bad fan collection, and maybe something they will find useful when explaining the show to others.

From Director/Writer Vince Gilligan, one of the most ground breaking shows of our time has now reached it conclusion. Winner of 2013 "Outstanding Drama" Emmy and praised by fans/critics around the globe.

Cut using Premiere Pro & motion graphics using After Effects.

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