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  • #1 Way To Get The Interview

    Have you jumped on the interactive resume ship yet? Surely, you have heard about all these creative ways individuals are spreading the word on their skill set. If you haven’t, be sure to check out this article below. For myself, I found a way to demonstrate my Video Editing skills through the art of cutting a movie trailer w/ my work experience integrated. This method is not only going to show employers a lot of text that is normally on a boring PDF, but it will also show a slight demo of what I can achieve creatively as well. Be sure to check out the video below, leave your feedback, share and help me spread my work! My goal is to be editing trailers for YOU!

  • The ULTIMATE Breaking Bad Fan Video

    Want a good way to remember Breaking Bad. This Super Trailer is the perfect way to sum the show up and to hype yourself (or others) up for viewing the series. WARNING: May contain spoilers for those in the middle of the series.

  • 1 Reason To Love The Dexter Finale

    1 main reason we can love the Dexter finale is that we can finally see just how many times our foul-mouthed, lovable Debra Morgan dropped the F-BOMB during the series. This little masterpiece below is a montage of episode 1 - episode 96 of every F*UCK she ever said on the show. ENJOY!

  • 996 F*cking Reasons You Want To See This

    Now that Dexter is over as of Sunday, we can watch Jennifer Carpenter spew her foul mouthed F-Bombs throughout the entire Dexter series. If you are a fan of Dexter and/or Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) , I hope you enjoy this montage of F-BOMBS from episode 1 “Dexter - episode 96 “Remember the Monsters”.

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