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    Posted on May 27, 2010

    The 11 Best Bill Nye The Science Guy Music Videos

    If nothing else, make sure to check out the awesome puns on band names, as Bill Nye puns equal the best puns. (Via Flavorwire.)

    • 1. Dose Of Soap – “Just Wash Your Hands”

    • 2. Nye & The Family Crust – “Do It Yourself Science”

    • 3. Mighty Chondria – “Cellular Haze”

    • 4. Trash-E-Trash – “R-E-C-Y-C-L-E”

    • 5. J.C. – “Mr. Dino”

    • 6. Magmadonna – “Crust”

    • 7. Momentisey – “The Faster You Push Me”

    • 8. J.A.C. – “Water Cycle Jump”

    • 9. N.S. Kool J – “Opposites Attract”

    • 10. Nyevana – “Smells Like Air Pressure”

    • 11. Bill Nye The Science Guy – “There’s Science In Music”

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