• 1. The mating call

    Got to make a call to all those babiez. If this doesn’t work, sext her.

  • 2. Tell your girl how you feelz

    Put your hand over your heart to let her know what body part is directing your actionz.

  • 3. Cry a little

    You got to let a baby know you’re sensitive!

  • 4. Reiterate that your heart is driving your emotionz

    Babiez forget.

  • 5. Tell her you’ll crucify yourself with her love

    You’ve got to let her know you’ll go that extra step.

  • 6. Now smile!

    This should get you mad babiez.

  • 7. YOU’RE IN!!!

    Nice one!

  • 8. Now thrust…

    Promise you it’ll be cool….

  • 9. The climaxxxx

    This makez all your hard work worth it!

  • 10. Cry some more

    That’s just what real guyz do after this kind of thing. Right?