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Justin Bieber Tween Sex Tipz

Throw your abstinence club cards out the window with these new sex tipz! These are all from my new music video "Baby!" featuring my BFF Ludacriz.

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  • 1. The mating call

    Got to make a call to all those babiez. If this doesn't work, sext her.

  • 2. Tell your girl how you feelz

    Put your hand over your heart to let her know what body part is directing your actionz.

  • 3. Cry a little

    You got to let a baby know you're sensitive!

  • 4. Reiterate that your heart is driving your emotionz

    Babiez forget.

  • 5. Tell her you'll crucify yourself with her love

    You've got to let her know you'll go that extra step.

  • 6. Now smile!

    This should get you mad babiez.

  • 7. YOU'RE IN!!!

    Nice one!

  • 8. Now thrust...

    Promise you it'll be cool....

  • 9. The climaxxxx

    This makez all your hard work worth it!

  • 10. Cry some more

    That's just what real guyz do after this kind of thing. Right?