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    18 Things You Should Never Say To A Hijabi

    Do you shower with it on?

    1. "Do you shower in it?"

    Yes. In fact, we don't even wash our hair. We only wash our hijabs.

    2. "Do you wear it all the time?"

    3. "Do you sleep in it?"

    Yep. I have no need for a pillow because my hijab cushions my head in my sleep.

    4. "Do you have to wear it...forever?"

    5. "Don't you get hot in the summer?"

    No shit.

    6. "It must keep you so warm during the winter!"

    7. "It must be so useful in the rain! You must never get wet!"

    8. "If I see your hair, does that mean we have to get married?"

    Yes, let's go right now. Las Vegas it is.

    9. "Who is allowed to see your hair?"

    10. "Do you have hair underneath?"

    No, I am completely bald. I shave my head once a month.

    11. "You're so lucky you don't have bad hair days!"


    Bad hijab days do exist! They are the exact same as bad hair days.

    12. "Can you hear with your hijab on?"

    13. "Can I see your hair?"

    Yes, let me take it off right now and show you.

    14. "Does Voldermort live at the back of your hijab?"

    15. "Why do some Muslims wear it and other Muslims don't?"

    16. "Do you have to wear it though?"

    It's up to individual interpretations of the Qur'an. Some people think its obligatory and others don't.

    17. "But why do you wear it?"

    18. "So are you a Muslim?"


    What do you think?