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These 15 Female Tattoo Artists Have Got Us Daydreaming About Our Next Tat

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1. This alien abduction, by Abril Hernández

Check out her work here.

2. This watchful heart, by Lucía Serrano

See more of her art here.

4. This old school camera, by Pía Ramírez

See more of her work here.

5. This badass cobra, by Priscila Zamora

See the rest of her work here.

6. This tiny palm tree, by Ana Laura Terrazas

Check out more of her work here.

7. This royal Rottweiler, by Paloma Villaescusa

Here, you'll find other examples of her work.

8. This adorable kitten, by Mafer Velarde

Follow her on Instagram here.

9. These matching superhero logos, by Ana Turrubiates

See her work here.

10. This perfect pairing, by Diana Félix

Check out her work here.

11. This tribal mask, by Mayte Isla

Find her other work on her Instagram.

13. This fantastical scene, by Fleurs Maye

Check out her designs on Insta.

14. This scene from Spirited Away, by Tatiana Makandaxu

See other tattoos she's done here.

15. This ravishing rose, by Michelle Gómez

Check out her work here.

Which is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

This post was translated from Spanish.

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