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    This "Breaking Bad" Blue Meth Doughnut From New Mexico Is Perfect And Everything Is Wonderful

    Albuquerque's Rebel Donut has just the thing before Sunday's finale.

    Oh cool, a donut place in New Mexico. Sweet logo.

    Here are their yummy-looking but not particularly remarkable... Oh heavens, what is that?




    It's the Breaking Bad "Blue Sky" doughnut complete with little sugar meth crystals <3

    Rebel Donut actually created the Breaking Bad-inspired donuts a while back, but people have been snapping them up with the show about to end on Sunday.

    "Obviously we don't call it the Blue Meth Donut," owner Carrie Mettling said in a local interview.

    Jesse loves them.

    So does Hank.

    Aaron Paul again because, seriously.

    Tami Abts / Via

    Mettling says there are pluses and minuses to making donuts based on a drug, but kids don't know what it represents.

    Needless to say, people love posting about these wonders.

    This means that on Sunday, some lucky souls will have sweet blue sprinkles dribbling off their lips as inevitable tears stream down their faces.

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