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    This Girl’s Tweet Highlighted What A Bittersweet Place The Notes On Your Phone Can Be

    “The notes app is such a weird and dark place on my phone. Like it’s two moods, never anything in between.”

    This is Leah Mazzola, she’s a 17-year-old student from Las Vegas, and she recently highlighted just how extreme the notes app on a phone can be.

    In a tweet that has now been retweeted 42,000 times, Leah pointed out how her notes exist in “two moods, never anything in between.”

    The notes app is such a weird and dark place on my phone. Like it’s two moods, never anything in between.

    And by “two moods”, she means the really deep and emotional confessions you hope never see the light of day versus, say, a generic shopping list. “I think notes just lets people let things out,” she said. “There’s no word limit and it’s very freeing.”


    Leah explained the value of using the notes feature on her phone: “I write just a lot of things I need to remember. I also write when I’m sad and I need to rant. I also pre-write things I need to tell people because sometimes I get overwhelmed and forget points to mention. Also, a lot of grocery lists.”


    And people can really relate, much to her surprise. Her mentions are now filled with people sharing their own random notes. Leah described the responses to her initial tweet as “really funny”, considering her tweet “was just a random thought at 1am”.


    The side-by-side comparison really makes you wonder.

    Some of the thoughts are pretty random.

    @ershacaitlin LOOOOOOOL omg😭🤣💀

    Major life choices and life planning, but will you also need a fruit platter??? So many important decisions.

    Notes that mark a particular time and feeling.

    @antolmos28 @leialanis @3ccnash @julies1827 @leahmazzz

    Some literary gems are just sitting in a note somewhere. “I broke my rules for you, and you broke me.” Wow.

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