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Top 10 Questions From Aziz's Ask Me Anything

Comedian Aziz Ansari did a "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit today.

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1. best brunch place in NYC??

Q: Upcoming projects, specifically a Randy Movie? Did that fall through the cracks?

A: We sold that idea but decided to work on other the projects we sold first. All of that stuff is "in development," "going through drafts," etc. Movie stuff is so slow. That's why I love standup!!


Q: What does Nick Offerman smell like? This is important.

A: This is true. He smells like cappucinos or something cause he uses these lozenges to stop smoking. It's kind of warm and comforting. He also eats a lot of bacon and does woodwork stuff just like Ron Swanson. He's the best.


Q: Tom's singing to Ann in Parks n' Rec recently seemed to really win her over. Are there any smooth RnB jams you'd recommend to win over that special someone?

A: Boys to Men - On Bended Knee Seal - Kissed by a Rose



Q: Are you circumcised? This is REALLY important!

A: I'm really concerned that this is "REALLY important."


Q: How much of your personality is incorporated into Tom Haverford?

A: We both love hip hop and suits. And are small bearded Indian men.


Q: best brunch place in NYC??

A: I really like Five Points for brunch


Q: Favorite comedians?

A: Hannibal Buress, Chelsea Peretti, Doug Stanhope, Louis CK, Patrice O'Neal (check out Mr. P, the bit about bread is so funny)


Q: What would you have done if the comedy thing didn't pan out?

A: I don't know, probably just be a fat Indian man that eats a lot of food and lives at home.


Q: Can you give us a breakdown of how you go about writing material? Like from the moment you think of something funny to performing it live on stage? Thanks.

A: An idea pops in my head and I write it in my phone or notebook. Then I usually have bullet points of joke ideas and start trying them out at small shows in NY or LA and then develop them over time. I put an hour of that together and that's a tour. It took like 8 months to put together my new tour Buried Alive.


Q: You think you could hook me up with Rashida Jones?

A: Yeah I'll text her that sturgeon25 [the redditor's name] is DOWN.

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