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10 Valentines That Say What You Actually Mean

That feeling you get that there doesn't seem to be a Valentine's Day card for yet? Yeah... these are those cards. Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.

1. Being around you makes me forget all the basic rules of human interaction.

2. I love you with literally everything I've got.

3. Sorry I liked all your old posts; they just don't have the button I really need yet.

4. I know you're searching for the perfect words, and you can take all the time you need.

5. Holy shit, love is actually real???

6. Even when we're apart, I'm reminded of you constantly.

7. Sugar, it doesn't feel healthy to love you this much, but I don't care.

8. The future can be scary, but I know we'll make it together.

9. You feel like such a huge part of approximately 60%.

10. I can't get enough of you, even the boring stuff.