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A Hot Guy Named Oscar Shares His Oscar Predictions

Because why not. This is BuzzFeed, people!

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Oscar is a hot stranger we found on Facebook by literally searching "Oscar." Because we're good people (lol), he agreed to come into the BuzzFeed offices to share his Oscar predictions.

Get it? Oscar on the Oscars. It's brilliant.

More about human Oscar: He's an architect which makes him even hotter.


Oscar is a really nice guy. It turns out he went to school with my co-worker Lesley. The world is so small sometimes! He was very sweet and we had some fun making some extra Oscar's Oscars videos with BuzzFeed BFF.

Did I mention Oscar is a babe?

See even more of Oscar's top pics:

Oscar's EXCLUSIVE Red Carpet preview:

And of course, we had a private Oscar viewing party:

Did we take a simple joke further than it needs to go?


...and was it worth it?

You bet.