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16 Perfect Valentines From Yourself

You asked for it, sort of. We made you the perfect cards based on your submissions. Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.

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With Valentine's Day approaching, BuzzFeed BFF asked for some details about your perfect date in order to create customized cards, just for you.

We dug through hundreds of submissions, using snippets of information as inspiration for our masterpieces.


Adam J. Kurtz / BuzzFeed

"Dream date is probably Netflix & pizza on a Friday night"
"My dream date is watching Netflix"
"if I’d live in the US, Netflix would definitely be my best friend"
"we watch netflix"
"I love Netflix and boys"
"I also enjoy food and Netflix"


Some of our cards are a bit back-handed, but hey, so were your submissions.


At the end of the day, it turns out a lot of us just want the same things. Love, happiness, and a whole lot of pizza.



Adam J. Kurtz / BuzzFeed

"Or maybe just eating pizza"
"i love feminism and pizza"
"Dream date: well made pillow and blanket fort with pizza"
"Pizza is like my Favorite thing ever other than my mom"
"I once eaten 2 boxes of pizza by myself."
"Pizza is life."
"My dream date would be going out to eat pizza and get drunk with some cool women and it’d be like a lady date with no men around because they’re just not fun (sorry, guys)."

Cheese pizza and actual cheese? Done! Are you free next Saturday?


While we were at it, we lurked a bunch of your blogs, and uhh, this next one's on us.

We couldn't draw valentines for everyone, but we did our best, including this last, oddly specific request.