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You Can Now Buy Famed Photographer Annie Leibovitz's Home For A Mere $30 Million

$29,900,000, to be exact.

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Annie Leibovitz is one of the world's most famous and acclaimed photographers, and she's selling her giant property in the West Village. It could be yours.

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Originally listed last year for $33 million, the price has been SLASHED to a very reasonable $29,900,000.

The property, located at 755 Greenwich St., has four floors and seven bedrooms.

The home spans 10,200 square feet. Look at those wood floors. Look at them.

The house boasts 5.5 bathro... wait, is that a terrace?

That definitely looks like a terrace.


There's a lawn big enough to accommodate a full-on garden party, as long as you only invite, like, half a dozen people.

And it's not just the terrace that gets abundant sunlight — sun shines through large, lovely skylights during the day.

There's a breakfast nook for snackin' on $70 kale chips.

Literally the only issue with the property is that the couch is too far from the TV. How does Annie even tell what's happening on Orange is the New Black?

All right, this room isn't as impressive, but it could easily be converted into a yoga studio. Or just fill it with pillows, like you always wanted to do as a kid.

The building is just as beautiful on the outside too. See all that ivy? It's a known fact that elves who grant wishes live in vine clusters.

Simply make some small sacrifices and the house could be yours. Forgo your morning latte, and you'll have enough saved up in just 7 million days.

The home is roughly the same price as 5,980 decent used cars.

For the same price, you could put yourself through college 150 times... but who cares when you can buy Annie Leibovitz's giant house?!

It's really not that expensive, when you think about it. Over a 30-year fixed mortgage with a 3.25% interest rate, the home will only cost you $132,762 a month.


What a steal! The property can be purchased through Corcoran Group Real Estate.

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