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Turns Out That Kid From "Little People, Big World" Is Actually A Talented Photographer Now

Guess there's life beyond reality TV after all.

Remember Little People, Big World?


It ran for six seasons on TLC, then it was kind of canceled, but there were some specials, and last year it returned for a seventh season. It'll probably air in some capacity forever, let's be honest.

Remember Jeremy, the taller twin? Of course you do.

Well, it turns out Jeremy Roloff is a pretty great photographer now.

Since the show (sort of) ended, Jeremy has been traveling the world and taking photographs.

Hey look, there's his twin, Zachary.

And Jacob!!/portfolio/C0000B70cnRl8dQU/G0000JXynjC1ORgE

And his dad, Matt.

Check out more of Jeremy's photography on his website.