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    Posted on Nov 18, 2013

    "I Loved You" By Trevor Barnes Is Probably The Best Breakup Song In Recent Memory

    Put it on repeat, forever.

    This is Trevor Barnes, AKA Trippy Trev, and he's a musician.

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    The video was uploaded in 2012 and hasn't garnered much attention, which is a TRAVESTY.

    Trevor Barnes

    The music video is artful. He puts the offending girl in his phone as "Heartbreaker" so you know the pain is real. Miley wouldn't dare to be this blunt.

    Trevor Barnes

    The lyrics are beautiful in their simplicity. Gaga could never bare her soul like this.

    Trevor Barnes

    He calls out the cheater like a pro. Katy would never be so daring.

    Trevor Barnes

    The way he throws his phone with total abandon is totally baller. Nicki could never be this badass.

    Trevor Barnes

    The kid's been lowkey killin' it for years. In 2005 he was on Fox News talking about peanut allergies. He's a triple threat (singer, director, peanut crusader).

    Fox News

    He's also got a song about fracking, which is a parody of a Taylor Swift song. What have you done with your life, huh?

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