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These Adorable Puppets Teach You That No One Is Safe From The Ravaging Effects Of Time

You weren't planning to sleep ever again, were you?

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In 2011, video artists Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling taught the world about the dangers of creativity with the first in a series of educational puppet videos called Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared.

Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling / Via
Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling / Via

Three years later, Becky and Joseph are back, and this time their puppet friends are here to teach you about the concept of time.

Everyone is sitting around wasting time when a giant clock appears, and he has a thing or two to teach you.

First, you learn you've been spelling "wrist" wrong for years. You wear a watch on your rizd.

You learn you can never spend too much time in the bath, because you'll never truly be clean no matter how much time you spend scrubbing.

You learn that in the past, there were cobblestone roads and everything was slimy.

Time causes things to shrivel up and die, like this apple...

...and your dad?

Time eventually comes for us all.

Time is merciless.

No one is safe. Not even you.

Watch the whole thing:

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And watch the original video, too! Have nightmares! You're welcome!

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