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    21 Reasons Summer 1999 Was The Most Magical Time For Music

    RIP Enrique's mole.

    May 18: Backstreet Boys' album Millennium shatters records (and hearts) by selling 1,134,000 copies in the first week.


    Howie and Kevin don't seem particularly impressed with their own success.

    "I Want It That Way" sets a record for most weeks at No. 1 on the singles chart.


    Actress Jennifer Lopez decides she wants to be a singer, and the world is forever changed for the better.


    Napster is launched, making thieves of us all.


    June 1: Blink 182 releases Enema of the State. "What's My Age Again?" sends the band's popularity through the roof, and the music video makes your mom uneasy.


    ...luckily she has Santana's "Smooth" featuring Rob Thomas to listen to in the minivan while she drives you to school every morning.


    June 8: Red Hot Chili Peppers return to form with Californication.

    Warner Bros.

    S Club 7 debut at No. 1 on the UK singles chart with their first single "Bring It All Back." Everyone wonders why there's so many people in the band.


    June 15: Sugar Ray worms their way into your brain with "Someday," and now the entire song is playing in your head. Sorry.


    Enrique still has his mole.


    June 22: Limp Bizkit is unleashed on the masses, selling 643,874 copies of Significant Other. Your mom asks you what a "limp biscuit" is and what "nookie" means.


    June 28: Britney Spears embarks on her first tour.


    June 29: LFO's "Summer Girls" is released, and the lyrics are complete and utter nonsense.


    July 22: Len's perfect summer jam "Steal My Sunshine" teaches us how to spell L-A-T-E-R.

    July 27: Destiny's Child releases The Writing's on the Wall, which you blast at top volume while driving around in your automobile.


    August 10: TLC teaches us to love ourselves, even when we feel unpretty. Left Eye also teaches us a tiny bit of sign language.


    August 24: Christina Aguilera challenges Britney for the pop throne with her self-titled debut.


    Genie in a Bottle is officially the biggest song of summer.


    Sept. 9: Britney and NSYNC bring the house down at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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    Sept. 17: Eminem's mom sues him for $10 million, but settles for $1,600.

    Sept. 21: On the eve of the Autumn equinox, Brian McKnight releases "Back at One" to close out a phenomenal summer.


    Here's a full playlist of Summer '99. Rejoice.