The 10 Most WTF Recipes On Ragu’s Official Website

Can you stomach the Pasta Planet?

1. The Pasta Planet




The real reason Pluto was downgraded from planet status is because we needed to make room for this bad boy in the solar system.

Ragu recommends you serve this with “Galaxy Garlic Bread,” whatever that may be.

2. The Pizza Python


Nippon Animation


This probably tastes fine, but what’s the deal with that python’s expression? This whole scenario is heartbreaking.

Fun fact: Ragu Pizza Planet is inhabited solely by Ragu Pizza Pythons.

3. Silly Pizza Face




Is it just me, or does that face looks like it’s being devoured by a swarm of Pizza Pythons?

4. Ragu Spaghetti Tacos




Ragu Spaghetti Tacos, which is literally just spaghetti in a taco shell, believe it or not, should always be served with a glass of milk.

5. Calzones On A Stick



Ragu has a separate recipe for calzones. It’s fine that they want to offer a Calzone On A Stick recipe, but why stop there? Where’s the Pizza Python On A Stick? Pizza Planet On A Stick? Don’t get lazy, Ragu.

6. Volcano of Lava Pizza Dip




Yo, look at this food volcano! It won’t erupt but you might after eating 13 meatballs dipped in cheese!

7. Spaghetti Pizza




The “crust” is just hard, baked spaghetti. That is not pizza, sir. That’s an abomination.

8. Upside-Down Deep Dish Pizza


Directions: make a pizza, then dump the entire thing face-down into your grandmother’s best serving dish. Marvel at your ingenuity. You’ve changed the world.

9. Ragu Cheesy Joes




Honestly, that cheesy joe looks pretty ashamed of itself. It looks like it was just caught doing something disgusting.

10. Sloppy Joe Race Cars


Screen Gems


Um, that race car has boobs.

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