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    12 Graphs And Charts That Perfectly Illustrate What It's Like Trying To Get Ready In The Morning

    Because your level of tiredness is totally off the charts.

    1. Your sleepiness level throughout the day:

    2. How many times you hit the snooze alarm during the week:

    3. Reasons you stay in bed, even after you've woken up:

    4. Complexity of your average breakfast:

    5. Types of breakfast:

    6. How you spend your time in the shower:

    7. What gets the most soapy attention in the shower:

    8. Pie chart of what "calling out sick" actually means:

    9. Decision making flowchart for taking personal days:

    10. Pie chart of when the train comes:

    11. What the radio plays during the morning commute:

    12. How you spend the weekend: