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    Watch This Girl Make Tiny, Hyper-Realistic Polymer Food The Size Of A Fingernail

    Don't question it, just marvel at the beauty of it.

    These are not Subway sandwiches. They're made out of polymer clay, and they're only an inch long.

    YouTube user SugarCharmShop makes teeny foods out of clay using a variety of special tools.

    Little objects, like bread, are painted to appear toasted.

    She makes tiny deli meats...

    ...microscopic slices of bacon...

    ...miniscule green peppers...

    ...and the smallest olives you'll ever see.

    Then it's all assembled into an itsy-bitsy sandwich that looks just like the real thing.

    Watch the entire process here:

    View this video on YouTube

    She makes a ton of other things, too. Like blueberry pie you can almost smell through your computer screen:

    Itty bitty baby bananas:

    A breakfast fit for a very, very small king:

    Even miniscule sushi:

    There are dozens of mesmerizing tutorials on her YouTube channel, and she even sells many of her teeny objects on her Etsy shop.