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11 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Next Flight A Breeze

Man was not meant to fly, but if you insist, be smart about it.

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1. Get your drink on! You can bring your own alcohol through boarding as long as it's under the 3-ounce limit.


That means you can bring your own airline bottles of booze (as many as will fit in a ziploc baggie) and get hella turnt before your flight.


5. There are lots of pillows to choose from. The Embrace Sleep Collar will keep your neck in alignment while you sleep, and also make you look like a cult member.

$26 from Amazon.


10. Get a battery pack for your phone so you can watch cute animal gifs for twice as long, even if your flight gets cancelled and you have to live in the Denver airport for the rest of your life.

11. If all else fails, get your doctor to prescribe you drugs!!!


If you have flight anxiety, talk to your doctor and see if they'll pop you full of pills. Drugs make everything better. Take drugs.

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