U.S. Ice Dancers Charlie White And Meryl Davis Are Basically A Real Life Disney Prince And Princess

“I can show you the goooooooold.”

1. With a bronze medal already in hand for the team event and a gold medal in their sights for ice dancing (Update: They won!), U.S. figure skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White are having a tremendous Olympics so far.

Matthew Stockman / Getty

2. But let’s focus on something else for the moment: THESE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE REAL LIFE DISNEY CHARACTERS.

Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group / MCT

3. Look at her face. IT IS THE FACE OF A PRINCESS. All glow-y and glittery and whatnot.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

4. LOOK AT HIS HAIR. It is long and flowy and looks perfectly coiffed even in the middle of competition. HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT?

Chuck Myers / MCT


Chuck Myers / MCT

6. Their freakish perfection is the talk of Twitter.

I'm convinced that Charlie White and Meryl Davis are a Disney prince and princess come to life. #Sochi2014

— Jer Kay (@TheJerKay)

Meryl Davis & Charlie White are so perf. Can never get over those two team figure skaters. They can pass as a Disney Princess and Prince

— Jacqueline (@jackiemelen22)

9. With Meryl drawing comparisons to Aladdin’s Jasmine.

Holy crap @Meryl_Davis looks like Jasmine...

— Linds (@LindsayJeannnn)

10. And Charlie being compared to Kristoff of Frozen.

As I was saying... Charlie White.. Kristoff... #olympics

— Morgan Leigh Smith (@morgansmith_492)

11. Basically, someone at Disney needs to put these two in a movie, STAT.

Harry E. Walker / MCT

12. Charlie + Meryl 4ever.

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