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    28 Things That Totally Stressed Out All '90s Kids

    Oh god I hope my Tamagotchi doesn't die while I'm at school.

    1. The tension of waiting to see if someone would perform the Secret Slime Action on Figure It Out.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    2. Attempting to enjoy a Push Pop without getting your finger completely gross and sticky.

    Topps / Via

    3. Worrying that you might accidentally swallow your Bubble Tape or Big League Chew.

    Wrigley Company

    4. The pressure of covertly feeding your Tamagotchi at school without your teacher noticing because otherwise it might die.

    Bandai / Via

    5. Seeing someone else take the good Mr. Sketch marker before you had a chance to get to it.

    Flickr: jek-a-go-go / Creative Commons

    6. Getting into heated debates about whether NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys were the better band.

    Dan Callister / Getty Images
    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    7. Hoping your parents didn't catch you writing something inappropriate on your Lite-Brite.

    8. Your favorite gel pen running out of ink.

    Flickr: rhianswaps / Creative Commons

    9. Any time a temple guard popped out on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    10. Getting your fingers caught in one of these suckers.

    11. When this happened to your favorite videotape.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Coprid

    12. Needing to come up with the PERFECT away message on AIM.

    13. Waiting forever to get online only to have someone pick up the phone at the last minute and kick you off.

    14. The struggle of going through your Encarta CD to find the information you needed for school.

    15. Being the only one in your class who didn't have light-up sneakers.

    16. Having the tags on your Beanie Babies get torn/crushed, or worse, ripped off completely.

    17. Buying so many packs of Pokémon cards in search of a holographic one and never finding the card you wanted.

    18. The horror of starting to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song and messing up the words halfway through.

    NBC / Via

    19. When the channel you were looking for scrolled by on the TV Guide and you have to wait for it to go alllllll the way around again.

    TV Guide Network / Via

    20. Being the only one of your friends without a Razor Scooter.

    JD Corporation / Via

    21. Praying that your video game would start working again after you blew on the cartridge.

    22. Trying to finish a race as quickly as possible in Mario Kart because you knew the person behind you had a red shell.

    Nintendo / Via

    23. Running out of frosting when you were eating Dunkaroos.

    Betty Crocker / Via

    24. Going out for the night and forgetting to tape your favorite TGIF shows.

    ABC / Via

    25. Your Discman skipping right when you got to your favorite part of a song.

    Flickr: mpolla / Creative Commons

    26. Attempting to build anything with K'Nex.

    K'NEX Industries Inc. / Via

    27. Trying to pick out the perfect Word Art to give your school paper that little extra ~something~.

    Microsoft / Via

    28. And literally everything about colored ketchup.

    I'm sorry but NOPE.

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