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    The 29 Most Ridiculous Spelling Fails Of All Time

    Is it really that hard to check the dictionary?

    1. When Obama's true position was revealed.

    2. When this happened to Stephen.

    3. This uncomfortable trip to the bathroom.

    4. These people trying to learn more about Buddhism.

    5. This repair notice.

    6. This tattoo that proved its own point.

    7. When Alyssa recounted her impeccable academic performance.

    8. This super awkward moment.

    9. This x-rated educational pamphlet.

    10. When this fortune cookie told you how your fruit feels about you.

    11. When the city of Vancouver totally nailed their own name.

    12. This fantastic first impreshion.

    13. When this person shared their fabric worship with the whole world.

    14. This spooky request.

    15. When this kid got a little more vulgar than anticipated.

    16. When "Angle" did this tattoo.

    17. This mixup with the Queen of Soul.

    18. These accidental flashers.

    19. When Ethan revealed his preference in countertop materials.

    20. These people trying to drop some pounds.

    21. When this kid complained about his teacher's "prosentation."

    22. This guy's attempted protest.

    23. When only frogs were allowed to park.

    24. This royal cup.

    25. This girl's angry status.

    26. When this foodie got exactly what he was asking for.

    27. When this important correction was made.

    28. This cheesy congratulations.

    29. And these ironic complaints.

    Almost, everyone. Almost.