17 People Who Will Never Be Royals

Lorde knows we aren’t the only ones.

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Lorde is not the only one who knows the pain of not being royal.

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1. Thomas Jefferson knew too.

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Kevin Tang
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2. These other cards will also never be royals.

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3. Littlefinger from Game of Thrones tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end he’ll never be a royal.

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4. Jorah will never be a royal :(

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5. This alien gave up at birth.

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6. These infomercial people will never be royals.

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7. These people from The Princess Diaries.

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8. These bootleg Pokémons are under no threat whatsoever of becoming royals.

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9. Neither is bootleg Shrek.

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10. Iceberg lettuce. This old ball of iceberg lettuce will never be a royal.

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11. Robinson Cano will never be Kansas City Royal.

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12. This cat with obscene stockings.

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13. Every pronoun other than the royal “we.”

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14. Mickey & Co.

ID: 1949600

15. This uncouth Hot Pocket will never be a royal.

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16. Unacceptable. Get out of here.

ID: 1949864

17. This burger.

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Prince, though. Prince will be a royal.

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Only Prince will ever be a royal.

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Life’s not fair.

Kevin Tang
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