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    The Definitive Ranking Of Ice Cream Truck Treats

    Ice cream, brought to you by a truck. What a beautiful world we live in.

    22. Just a plain old ice cream cone

    21. Cherry ice

    Flickr: sally_12 / Creative Commons

    Yes, it can be refreshing on a hot summer day, but it's also basically just ice. Instead of spending the money, pour some grenadine over ice yourself. It's kind of like a Shirley Temple...just only ice.

    Food equivalent: Ice. Because it literally is ice.

    20. Lemon Ice

    19. Sno Cones (AKA Sno Kones AKA Snow Cones AKA however you want to spell it)

    Flickr: jek-a-go-go / Creative Commons

    Again, see above. Except this one has a ~*cool*~ name.

    Food equivalent: Ice, but instead of calling it ice you call it "frozen H2O."

    18. Firecrackers

    17. Bomb Pops

    Flickr: bluebunnyicecream / Creative Commons

    These pops weren't quite the bomb (lol). They are essentially a Firecracker, but with different fruit flavors. Still, it was always fun watching the layers of color melt away as you kept going.

    Food equivalent: A less-charred hot dog at your Memorial Day BBQ.

    16. Pink Panther Bar

    15. Sonic the Hedgehog Bar

    Flickr: theob / Creative Commons

    Another entry in the "cartoon characters" genre, Sonic moves ahead of the Pink Panther because of the video-game nostalgia. As you can see, the Sonic bars never come out looking quite like the character, but that's part of their charm. Plus, the gum ball eyes are always fun.

    Food equivalent: A piece of sushi that accidentally got way too much soy sauce on it and now you're like, I guess this is still good.

    14. Fudgsicles

    13. Creamsicle Bars

    12. Toasted Almond Bar

    11. Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Flickr: corde5 / Creative Commons

    A classic. Perhaps the classic. The only downfall is how messy it can get, like when the sandwich kind of breaks off and sticks to your fingers. Like, smh sandwich, I just want to eat you and now you're getting all over my hands.

    Food equivalent: A warm bowl of mac and cheese on a cold winter night.

    10. Push Up Pops

    9. King Cone

    8. Klondike Bar

    7. Ice cream on a stick covered in chocolate (is there a real name for this even?)

    6. Screw Balls

    5. Drumstick

    4. Chocolate Eclair Bar

    3. Chipwich

    2. Strawberry Shortcake Bar

    1. Choco Taco

    Flickr: roboppy / Creative Commons


    Food equivalent: Sunshine, happiness, love, friendship.

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