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21 People Who Don't Give A Damn About Society's Rules

They'll do whatever they damn well please, thank you very much.

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1. The person who had some random parts and knew exactly where to put them.

2. Whoever decided that this bin was the best place for their oranges.

3. This dog who is laughing at people trying to stop him from living his life.

4. This person who will put their socks wherever they damn well please.

5. The person who will print however many labels they feel like, OK???

6. This rock-climbing badass.

7. This guy who doesn't care how many rules you've got because he'll break them all.

8. This person who will use every last one of their five senses no matter what you tell them.

9. This person who will walk where he wants.

10. Whoever displayed their superiority by moving this trash can.

11. The person who didn't even consider using a spork — that's how little they care about the rules.

12. Whoever refused to listen to Darren.

13. This dog who will sit on any and every sofa around.

14. This tea lover who doesn't care what you think of their choice of mug.

15. This pigeon who laughs in the face of your subway regulations.

16. Whoever was in charge of the pants section at this store.

17. The Bill Murray fan who will honor their favorite actor however they choose, damn it.

18. This pool-playing anarchist.

19. The person who will do whatever they want to that hole, thank you very much.

20. The unicyclist who will exploit your loopholes for all they're worth.

21. And the person who doesn't care what those quotation marks are for because they're going to ignore them anyway.
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