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30 Reasons Rhode Island Is The Most Underrated State In The U.S.

What it lacks in size, it makes up for in awesomeness.

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When most people think Rhode Island, their first instinct is to make that joke about how it's neither a road nor an island.

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hahahaha no one in Rhode Island has ever heard that before, good for you.


3. Providence has super diverse and unique neighborhoods that show off the vibrancy of the various communities in the state.

Here's Federal Hill, which is kind of like other cities' Little Italy, but better because it has Pastiche.


6. Looking for a vibrant arts scene? Yeah, Rhode Island's got you covered.

Flickr: owlpacino / Creative Commons

RISD is one of the country's elite art schools, with alums ranging from Seth MacFarlane to Shepard Fairey to Dale Chihuly.


11. Let's be real, they can find a haven ANYWHERE in the state.

THIS SEAFOOD. At Amaral's in Warren.

12. Coffee milk, a Rhode Island specialty, is basically a nectar of the gods.

Coffee syrup. Mixed into milk. YES.


16. Even with all of the buzz surrounding Rhode Island's restaurants and bars, though, you can still find hidden gems all around the state.

Like the Grad Center Bar in Providence or the Ocean Mist in Matunuck.


17. There are less-than-hidden gems as well, like the humongous historic mansions along the coast in Newport.

Mishella / Via

Built by people like the Vanderbilts. If Rhode Island is good enough for the people who have brought us Anderson Cooper, that says something about the state.

20. Seriously, with all this gorgeous coastline, it's no wonder Rhode Island is called the Ocean State.

Stuart Monk / Via

The Rhode Island Constitution specifically protects the rights of the public to access and walk along the shore — it is, by law, public land.


29. Basically, you can count on Rhode Islanders to come together to represent this state that they love.

Flickr: oceanstater / Creative Commons

Here are some Rhode Islanders celebrating July 4th in Bristol, which just happens to host the longest continuously running 4th of July celebration in THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

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