23 Valerie Cherish Quotes You Need For Everyday Situations

    Hello, hello, hello, Val! The Comeback comeback is nigh.

    1. When that package from Amazon finally shows up on your doorstep.

    2. When someone asks why you're still watching Two and a Half Men.

    3. When your friend tells you all the details of their new diet plan.

    4. When you spot junk food in the office snack room.

    5. When you show up to a party for the first time after going a little too hard at the previous one.

    6. When you catch up on office gossip after a vacation.

    7. When you've had a long day and someone asks what your plans are for dinner.

    8. When you're trying to get through the metal detector and it keeps going off even though you've triple-checked your pockets for change.

    9. When you need to prove your karaoke supremacy.

    10. When your parents try to explain the intricacies of retirement plans to you because "You're a grown-up now" and "Seriously, how are you spending so much money?"

    11. When you're out at dinner and your friend tries to bring up an X-rated topic even though there are children at the next table.

    12. When your frenemy tries to badmouth you.

    13. When you get flowers from your best friend.

    14. When your ~BFF~ calls.

    15. When you're discussing the latest trends in plastic surgery.

    16. When your friend tells you they're feeling down about their looks.

    17. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror before work and like what you see.

    18. When that pesky flight attendant is getting in the way of you being able to enjoy your damn flight.

    19. When your significant other makes you compromise about anything.

    20. When you come home after work and find that your roommate took your leftovers from last night.

    21. Or when your friend borrows your clothing and returns it to you with a stain, but expects you to just let it slide.

    22. When you're trying to get to work and there's a couple engaging in some intense PDA right in front of you.

    23. OK, you know what, this one is good for ANY occasion.