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    16 Characters From TV And Movies Who Crave That Mineral

    And are willing to climb at nearly 90 degree angles to get it.

    Lately, the whole internet has been obsessed with craving that mineral. But it turns out, our favorite TV and movie characters have been craving that mineral for a while now.

    1. The Wildlings β€” Game of Thrones

    2. Westley β€” The Princess Bride

    3. Batman and Robin β€” Batman

    4. Jimmy Neutron and friends β€” The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    5. Gabe Walker β€” Cliffhanger

    6. Oliver Queen β€” Arrow

    7. Leslie Knope β€” Parks and Recreation

    8. Ethan Hunt β€” Mission: Impossible II

    9. George and Kramer β€” Seinfeld

    10. Sandy Cheeks β€” Spongebob Squarepants

    11. Princess Anna β€” Frozen

    12. Bran Stark β€” Game of Thrones

    13. Everyone in Vertical Limit

    14. Peter Parker β€” Spider-Man

    15. Stanley Yelnats IV β€” Holes

    And, of course...

    16. Hank Schrader β€” Breaking Bad