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    Dec 22, 2014

    16 Characters From TV And Movies Who Crave That Mineral

    And are willing to climb at nearly 90 degree angles to get it.

    Lately, the whole internet has been obsessed with craving that mineral. But it turns out, our favorite TV and movie characters have been craving that mineral for a while now.

    1. The Wildlings — Game of Thrones


    Look at them make that 90 degree climb. They def crave those minerals.

    2. Westley — The Princess Bride

    20th Century Fox

    The minerals are the true royalty here.

    3. Batman and Robin — Batman


    Even back in the '60s, they were climbing at 90 degree angles to get that mineral.

    4. Jimmy Neutron and friends — The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


    Even young kids are climbing at 90 degree angles to reach the mineral.

    5. Gabe Walker — Cliffhanger

    TriStar Pictures

    Stallone knows all about the importance of that mineral.

    6. Oliver Queen — Arrow

    The CW

    Can't stop the cravings.

    7. Leslie Knope — Parks and Recreation


    It may not be 90 degrees, and she may have fallen down instead of climbed up, but Leslie was definitely on the slope of the pit looking for the minerals.

    8. Ethan Hunt — Mission: Impossible II

    Paramount Pictures

    So close to 90 degrees, but not quite. Perfect conditions for craving that mineral.

    9. George and Kramer — Seinfeld


    Kramer craves that mineral more than George, but they are both climbing at a nearly 90 degree angle, so.

    10. Sandy Cheeks — Spongebob Squarepants


    Even underwater, she craves that mineral.

    11. Princess Anna — Frozen

    Disney / Via

    Is Anna searching for her sister? No, she's searching for that mineral.

    12. Bran Stark — Game of Thrones


    His mother warned him to stop climbing, but he was craving that mineral too much. If only his cravings weren't so strong, Jaime Lannister wouldn't have pushed him off.

    13. Everyone in Vertical Limit

    Columbia Pictures

    They braved danger in the name of that mineral.

    14. Peter Parker — Spider-Man

    Marvel Enterprises

    His spidey sense is tingling — for minerals.

    15. Stanley Yelnats IV — Holes

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Holes...full of that mineral?

    And, of course...

    16. Hank Schrader — Breaking Bad


    The ultimate in mineral craving.

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