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    27 People Who Totally Screwed Up Their One Job

    Maybe these people will do better next year.

    1. The TV station employee who thought they were reporting on a new Bill Cosby album.

    2. The person who revealed their true feelings about Australia's leader.

    3. The person who was supposed to count the bananas.

    4. The Burger King employee who forgot about the whole "burger" thing.

    5. The designer of this book cover, who clearly didn't realize the message they were sending.

    6. And whoever was in charge of placing the price sticker on this book.

    7. The designer of this maze.

    8. The person who doesn't quite understand what "personalized" means.

    9. The guy who could have come up with ANY basic introduction, but instead did this.

    10. The Downton Abbey set designer who forgot that plastic water bottles didn't exist in the 1920s.

    11. Whoever does the weather reports at CNN.

    12. Whoever added this extra "h" and gave Prince Harry a whole new job title.

    13. Whoever placed these books next to one another.

    I don't want to know what secrets she's keeping.

    You had one job@_youhadonejobFollow

    I don't want to know what secrets she's keeping.

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    14. The truck driver for this ironically named company.

    15. The talk show employee who came up with this super helpful description of today's program.

    16. Whoever is in charge of creating email addresses for this hotel's employees.

    17. The hiring manager at this McDonald's.

    18. The person who clearly has no understanding of what "breaking news" actually means.

    19. The person who got their citrus fruits a bit mixed up.

    20. The person who came so close to packaging these sweets correctly.

    21. The person who called these pails blue.

    22. The fork inspector who totally screwed this one up.

    23. Whoever looked at these and saw watermelons.

    24. The contractor who installed this sink.

    25. The architect who added a handrail in the least convenient place possible.

    26. The person who only needed to make room for ONE MORE LETTER but couldn't handle it.

    27. And the person who really needs to learn the meaning of the term "sale".

    Maybe you'll do better next time, guys.