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Can You Actually Identify The People Running For President?

There are approximately 973 people running in 2020. Do you actually know what they look like?

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Although the 2020 primary* season doesn't begin for another eight months, it feels like we've been slogging through a parade of announcement videos, rallies, and questionable logo designs for literally 10 years now.

*and technically caucus

There are currently 23 Democrats running to garner their party's nomination in 2020, the most candidates involved in either major party's primary since the current system began in the 1970s.

Some people count a 24th candidate, former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, although he has stated that his goal in running is largely to spread his message during the debates before dropping out. So we're not going to include him here.

This quiz is simple: We'll show you 15 photos, and you tell us if the person depicted in each is among the 23 Democrats currently running.