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Ellen DeGeneres' 10 Best Moments Hosting The 2007 Oscars

If her previous Academy Awards emcee gig is any indication, we can expect a lot of audience participation at the 2014 Oscars!

1. When Ellen said what we are ALL THINKING on Oscar night:

2. When Ellen said this to eight-time Oscar nominee (and eight-time Oscar loser) Peter O'Toole:

3. When Ellen made this unexpected comparison between American Idol and An Inconvenient Truth:


4. When Ellen and Mark Wahlberg talked about…hygiene:

5. When Ellen gave a script to Martin Scorsese:

6. Later, when Clint Eastwood got upset Ellen didn't have a script for him:

7. And then when Ellen asked Clint for a picture:

For MySpace. Hello there, 2007!

8. And then when Ellen made Steven Spielberg take the photo — and gave him direction:

9. When Ellen debuted the Oscar baby-carrier:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

You can show off your trophy and have your hands free to drink or smoke!

10. And when she spoke THE TRUTH:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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