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Benedict Cumberbatch's Completely Random Opinion On Totally Random Things

"Don't take those out of context and mix them around in your naughty little world of... interwebs."

BuzzFeed News asked Benedict Cumberbatch — who this month is lending his voice to Penguins of Madagascar and starring in The Imitation Game — to write down the first words or images that came to mind for each of the following random things.

Very quickly, things got a little random.

Talking Animals



That is a "tick," by the way, not a "check."


The ever-elusive "double tick"!

LGBT Rights


Tom Hiddleston



"Good on the whole, you?"


"The Batch"


"The curly hair one"

"Dark and curly"


Tumblr (this one got complicated)

Clocks, and then "should be asleep."

"It's something I've been made aware of rather than seeking out."

"So it's usually, like, to be honest…"


"That's disgusting."

And finally…


Afterwards, Cumberbatch had one question…

Fortunately, BuzzFeed News explained that his answers would become animated gifs.

Penguins of Madagascar opens on Nov. 26, and The Imitation Game opens on Nov. 28.