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    10 Go-Go Remakes You Absolutely Must Hear

    Its not a hit until a go-go band remakes it! / Via

    Go-go music is one of D.C.'s most original art forms. A hybrid of funk and hip-hop, this music is set apart by its heavy percussion and rhythmic beats. Though the art form is completely original, go-go artists are known for taking commercial music and adding some "go-go swing." Below are 10 go-go remakes you absolutely must hear.

    1. "Run Joe" β€” Chuck Brown

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    Perhaps one of the most popular go-go songs was actually a remake of a remake. The original song was written and performed by jazz musician Louis Jordan back in 1948. Then it was remade by rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry in 1975 before the godfather of go-go, Chuck Brown, added his patent go-go swing to the track in 1986.

    "Run Joe" β€” Louis Jordan

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    Check out the original Louis Jordan version of Run Joe.

    2. "Hello" β€” Backyard Band

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    So we all know Adele and we've heard her gigantic hit "Hello." Yes, there is a go-go remake. And yes, it cranks!

    (There is literally an ongoing D.C. debate about which version of the track is better, so you tell me.)

    "Hello" β€” Adele / Via

    Sorry Adele I like the go-go versions better.

    3. "Thong Song" β€” Backyard Band

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    Remember the "Thong Song"? Yes, there is a go-go remake, and it was made by one of the most popular bands in the city, the Backyard Band. This version was actually a mashup of Sisqo's first solo single "Got to Get It" (for anybody who actually remembers) and the aforementioned "Thong Song." Mixed with a classic go-go bounce beat, this track helped mold the soundtrack for every D.C. basement party in the early 2000s.

    "Thong Song" β€” Sisqo / Via

    Backyard couldn't compete with Sisqo in the dance department though. Notice how he just glides over all the thonged video models with such grace.

    4. "Pieces of Me" β€” Rare Essence

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    Perhaps my all-time favorite go-go remake is "Pieces of Me," originally performed by Ashlee Simpson and then perfected by go-go veterans Rare Essence. R.E. managed to take a forgettable, watered-down pop song and make it into a grown and sexy track that you could drink and two-step to.

    "Pieces of Me" β€” Ashlee Simpson / Via

    No I won't mention the SNL lip-synching drama. I promise!

    5. "No Ordinary Love" β€” Rare Essence

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    What makes any go-go remake great is being able to stay true to the original track while adding as much go-go swing as possible. DC Go-go legends, Rare Essence mastered the art form's core principle with this remake. They took a classic baby-making slow jam, Sade's "No Ordinary Love," and made it into something you can now hit a mean two-step to, and still go make some babies. You see this is why I love go-go!

    "No Ordinary Love" β€” Sade


    Don't be sad Sade, I still love your version.

    6. "Everyone Falls In Love" β€” Backyard Band

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    Backyard Band strikes again! Backyard transformed Tanto Metro and Devonte's Smooth's dancehall hit "Everyone Falls in Love" into a go-go banger with a bounce beat for the ages! Its smooth intro almost tricks the listener into thinking that it's an exact replica of its predecessor, but then it quickly transforms into one of the more aggressive go-go tracks you'll hear.

    "Everyone Falls in Love" β€” Tanto Metro and Devonte Smooth / Via

    But I can't lie this is still one of the coolest songs ever!

    7. "The Water" β€” Northeast Groovers

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    Northeast Groovers was one of the most popular go-go bands of the early '90s. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity was their remake of Parliament's "Aqua Boogie." Though Parliament's track contained far more funk, the Groovers version was simple and straight to the point, and eventually became part of the soundtrack for pool parties across the nation's capital.

    "Aqua Boogie" β€” Parliament / Via

    "Aqua Boogie baby!"

    8. "Sick of Being Lonely" β€” Backyard Band

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    Back in 2002 , Georgia hip-hop duo Field Mob had a pretty decent song called "Sick of Being Lonely." The video even featured Mr. "Coordinate" John Witherspoon! Well what's a hit without a go-go remake? The Backyard Band transformed this track into an anthem for ladies all across Chocolate City. When BYB went into this song at a go-go spot like the Mad Chef Cafe, you knew the ladies were going to take over the dance floor!

    "Sick Of Being Lonely"β€” Field Mob / Via

    Even the fellas from Field Mob will tell you the go-go version cranks!

    9. "Loose Booty" β€” Junkyard Band

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    Another remake of a classic Funkadelic/Parliament track. This time Junkyard Band took on the task of remaking "Loose Booty." While the original was full of social commentary about drug use and the affects of addiction, Junkyard's version was strictly about "booty being loose." There was no social commentary or hidden messages. They just wanted women to shake their asses on the dance floor; nothing more, nothing less.

    Though I prefer social commentary over mindless dancing, I can't lie and say that I don't break into the Hee Haw whenever this Junkyard version comes on.

    By the way THIS is the Hee Haw.

    "Loose Booty" β€” Funkadelic

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    10. "Pretty Girls" β€” Wale

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    So how about we close this out with a go-go remake of a classic go-go track? Yup, D.C. native and hip-hop superstar Wale did this when he flipped Backyard Band's "Pretty Girls" into a commercial radio hit! Adding a verse from Gucci Mane and featuring BYB frontman Weensey, this version was the ultimate hip-hop/go-go mashup!

    "Pretty Girls" β€” Backyard Band

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