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    • adamay

      Some of these apply to me while most don’t. Iwasamilitary brat from the dayIwas born in 1981 until my father retired in 2000. He served in the Navy from 1974 to 2000. Ididn’t move much asachild and have never lived over seas. My father had the opportunity to be stationed over seas and my mother said she didn’t want to raise her kids outside of the USA so my dad was stationed somewhere else in the USA. SinceIwas born in 1981 my dad was stationed in Long Beach, CA spent two years there. We then got stationed to Jacksonville, FL spent two years there and finally Virginia Beach, VA where my dad was stationed at Damn Neck, Oceana, and Norfolk Naval for his last 15 years of his service. Iam sure he was stationed other places beforeIwas born seeing as he had been in the military for seven years by the timeIwas born. Iwent to public schools for K-12 and luckily all in the same city and we never lived on base, as far asIcan remember. Ithink we may have in CA and FL, butIwas too young to remember. Ido remember my father being gone halfayear atatime, almost every single year, so my father was really only around half of my life. It’s all good though he was serving his country andIam proud to beamilitary brat, specificallyaNavy brat ofaCW03!

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