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    25 Signs You Grew Up As A Military Brat

    It's a badge of pride.

    1. What is a "grocery store"?

    2. People ask you where you're from and you don't even try to explain.

    3. The clothes your parents bought you from the PX made you look like you were a time traveler from the 1980s.

    4. Every school mascot you ever had was The Eagles, The Screaming Eagles, or some variation on that theme.

    5. The first song other than the National Anthem you learned all the words to was a pretty hilarious and inappropriate cadence call.

    6. Being 10 minutes early for an appointment means you're late.

    7. You judge people who don't know the phonetic alphabet.

    8. You're freakishly good at bowling. And have an unhealthy knowledge of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service snack bar menu.

    9. Anyone older than you is "ma'am" or "sir."

    10. When you lived overseas, your non-military friends constantly asked if they could have things mailed to your APO/FPO address.

    11. You've had a regulation haircut and/or GI (birth control) glasses.

    12. Your parent was called into their commanding officer's office for reasons that included you being a troublemaker at school.

    13. You've taken a few flights that involved sitting in jump seats, wearing your winter jacket at all times, and Humvees in the cargo hold.

    14. The phrases "O-dark-30" and "1400 hours" make perfect sense to you.

    15. AFN commercials will forever be the gold standard in campy public service announcements.

    16. You've eaten a major holiday meal in a mess hall.

    17. You always had some MRE's around the house.

    18. Your dad has activated level 99 combat mode in response to a loud noise that turned out to be harmless.

    19. You blew up your favorite electronic device by forgetting to use a 110/220 converter.

    20. You came back to the States after being overseas for a few years and didn't understand ANY of the cultural references.

    21. You immediately dropped whatever you were doing at 1700 each day for retreat to be played.

    22. You freaked out when you turned 20 because it suddenly meant you only had your military ID and base privileges for one more year.

    23. You've never had to explain to your non-military friends that you just found out you're moving. Next week.

    24. Life is not always easy or fair...

    25. But you are tough, adaptable, good at making friends, and wouldn't trade your childhood for anything in the world.