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25 Signs You Grew Up As A Military Brat

It's a badge of pride.

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4. Every school mascot you ever had was The Eagles, The Screaming Eagles, or some variation on that theme.

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By the time you graduated you'd been to 15 different schools, so you appreciated the continuity.

5. The first song other than the National Anthem you learned all the words to was a pretty hilarious and inappropriate cadence call. / Via

"Your ma! Your pa! Your mean-ole-granny-got-a-hole-in-her-panty, got-a-big-behind-like-Frankenstein, now sound off! One, two! Sound off! Three, four!"

8. You're freakishly good at bowling. And have an unhealthy knowledge of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service snack bar menu. / Via

Bowling alleys and the snack bar: staples of every military base and your after-school routine for years.

18. Your dad has activated level 99 combat mode in response to a loud noise that turned out to be harmless.

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Always not embarrassing at all when he destroys your water bottle because he thought it was a tear gas canister.

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