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Aaliyah's Music Has Finally Arrived On Spotify – Here Are Our Top Picks

Because who isn't obsessed with Aaliyah?!

Aaliyah's music is finally coming to streaming platforms!

Sal Idriss / Redferns

And ilke every other Black person on this planet, the Seasoned team are massive Aaliyah fans.

If you don't know what Seasoned is, it's BuzzFeed UK's brand that speaks to the Black British experience. Basically we're all Black everything.

So here are the Seasoned team's favourite Aaliyah tracks of all time.

Mariah: "Don't Know What To Tell Ya"

Pip: "Back & Forth"

Ada: "More Than A Woman"

Muinat: "Journey To The Past"

Hanifah: "Try Again"

One In A Million is on streaming platforms from today and more projects from Aaliyah will be released up until October.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full playlist of Aaliyah's underrated tracks coming soon!

What's your favourite Aaliyah song?

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