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32 Legit Roses Are Red Poems You'd Actually Use

Roses are red, true love is rare, booty booty booty, rockin' everywhere.

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Reddit users took to AskReddit to pose the age old question. What's Your Best "Roses Are Red" Poem?

1. The Silver Lining Poem

2. The Poem That Ends In Jail Time

3. The Poem You'll Never See Eye To Eye On


5. The Subtly Sexual Pokemon Poem

6. The Motherfucking Poem

7. The Loner Boner Poem


9. The Aggressively Accurate Poem

10. The Ray Charles Poem

11. The Joke That Never Dies Poem


13. The Doomsday Preppers Poem

14. The Poem That Makes You Question Everything

15. The Last Laugh Poem


17. The Lovecraft Poem

18. The Oscar Gamble Poem

19. The Not So Happy Ending Poem


21. The Direct Approach Poem

22. The Bubba Sparxxx Throwback Poem

23. The Marshall Mathers Poem


25. The MILF Poem

26. The Poem Ain't Nobody Got Time For

27. The Creeper Level At Maximum Poem


29. The Poem That Might Actually Get You Laid

30. The Permanent Pinkeye Poem

31. The Man Who Has Everything Poem


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