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    "Hey Babe" Memes For Your Dude

    The female opposite to the internet's "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling Memes featuring Rachel McAdams. Because Allie+Noah4Ever.

    The "you'll get 'em next time" compromise

    The "I can't solve all your problems" acknowledgement

    The “taking one for the team” sacrifice

    The “trust is a two way street” agreement

    The “shared responsibility” approach

    The “it takes two to tango” … tango

    The “been there, know ‘bout that” concern

    The “I know better” awareness

    The “I’m about to be your boss’ boss” sass

    The “I'ma keep it to myself” judgment

    The “your friends are my friends” attitude

    The “independent woman” philosophy

    The “I mean what I say” realist

    The “you win, I win” lover