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    "Hey Babe" Memes For Your Dude

    The female opposite to the internet's "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling Memes featuring Rachel McAdams. Because Allie+Noah4Ever.

    The "you'll get 'em next time" compromise

    Because you understand that ESPN playbacks are never as good as watching it in real time. There’s zero fun in reacting to a loop video. It’s a little weird actually…

    The "I can't solve all your problems" acknowledgement


    Because you know that sometimes what your dude needs is a beer and a bro he doesn't have to talk about his feelings with. Sure, he’s stressed about his job, but all he wants to do is get drunk and play darts. And you support that.

    The “taking one for the team” sacrifice


    We all have to do things we don’t want to do including talking to his mother. Actually that’s probably at the tippy top of said list, but we do it in the name of love!

    The “trust is a two way street” agreement


    You trust him because you love him… and because your Vegas trip is in July. Momma gonna make it rain up and down The Strip! But only in the faithfully committed sense (look but don’t touch, y'all).

    The “shared responsibility” approach


    It’s all cuddles and face licking until one of you has to be up at 2 a.m. to take the dog to Pooptown (literally the name of the gated dog park in your complex). But you’re always thankful when the other does their share!

    The “it takes two to tango” … tango


    You give as good as you get and as much as you love to receive, the buildup is part of the fun. Plus, you know it makes him try harder and that’s a win-win for everyone. Sharing is caring!

    The “been there, know ‘bout that” concern


    There’s few things more annoying than waking up after a long night of drinking to the sounds of your SO ignoring your imploding cranium. Beer before liquor + good girlfriend = quiet time and breakfast food.

    The “I know better” awareness


    Chances are if you’ve got a good fella, your friends think he’s got an all access pass on the Dude Express where they clean up after they pee on the floor, at least grab for the check at dinner and don’t eat you out of house and home. Nopenopenope. You know better even if no one else does.

    The “I’m about to be your boss’ boss” sass


    One of the added perks to dating a badass bitch is witnessing her put her bitchfoot down. Sometimes it’s okay to politely use your cunning and wit for evil. And by politely, I mean go after them like a shark in bloody water looking for a tasty treat.

    The “I'ma keep it to myself” judgment


    There’s always that one friend you wish would go die in a fire. Your guy knows and you know he knows and you know the friend probably knows. EVERYBODY KNOWS. But boyfriend is super thankful he doesn’t have to hear about it all the time cause you cool like that.

    The “your friends are my friends” attitude


    You embrace his friends as your own and you got them skills in the kitchen, baby. And when you help with boys night, it lessens his dread when you have your girls over for margaritas and passion parties. (Is that a thing? Do people still do that?)

    The “independent woman” philosophy


    Let’s be honest, why waste an extra half hour reminding him to take out the trash when you could have done it in 1/3 the time? Time management, ladies. Besides, you’d rather he spend his energy elsewhere, right? Elsewhere? ELSEWHERE?! Yeah… talkin’ about the sex.

    The “I mean what I say” realist


    No, you really don’t care where you have dinner and it doesn’t need to turn into a full blown thing where he decodes “anything you feel like, babe” and “eh, whatever is fine”. Your dude knows when you say you don’t care, you literally give zero fucks. And he thanks you for that.

    The “you win, I win” lover


    You know on those long days at the office his heart is it in it, but his body is not. So sometimes you gotta do the work for both of you. There is no downside here, you both are getting the best of both worlds when this happens. #WINNING