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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone: Movie Vs Book

A bajillion points to Warner Bros for adding these excellent magical moments!

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Let's take a trip down magical memory lane together.

While the books are absolute works of art, the movies had some spice the books were lacking. These are the very appreciated scenes in the movie that weren't in the book.

2. Introducing The Saddest Birthday Cake Of All Time


In the movie, he drew his own birthday cake in the dirt and blew out the imaginary candles. In the book, he counted down on Dudley's watch wondering if the Dursleys would remember his birthday or if they would care at all. The answer was no.


3. She show stoppin'


In the movie, Hermione shows Ron up by doing a simple spell to fix Harry's raggedy ass glasses. In the book, she's all talk, no walk on the train. (Rest easy, folks, she redeems herself by being a total bamf the rest of the book).

4. One, Two Switcharoo


In the movie, Ron and Harry are late to class and Ron wonders aloud what that look on "old McGonagall's" face would be if they were caught. She transforms from cat to human and totally busts them. In the book, this scene never happened.

"Ron: That was bloody brilliant!
Professor McGonagall: Well, thank you for that assessment, Mr Weasley. Perhaps it would be more useful if I were to transfigure Mr. Potter and yourself into a pocket watch? That way, one of you might be on time.
Harry: We got lost.
Professor McGonagall: Then perhaps a map? I trust you don't need one to find your seats."

5. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere, Yeah?


In the movie, Seamus Finnigan tried to turn his water into rum and it exploded in his face. In the book, this never happened, but pretty much everything always explodes when he's around.

"Eye of rabbit, harp string hum, turn this water into rum."

6. Physical Comedy Is Always Necessary


In the movie, Ron gets smacked in the face by his broom during their first flying lesson. In the book, this never happened but it should have. Looking at you, J.K. Rowling.

7. Miss Hermione Sassafras


In the movie, when Hermione tries to stop Harry from chasing after Malfoy during flying lessons, he ignores here and she verbally lays it down. In the book, she tries to stop him but never utters that iconic line.

8. The Truth You Don't Want To Know

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In the movie, Hermione shows Harry a plaque saying his dad was Gryffindor Seeker. In the book, this never happened. McGonagall said James played Quidditch but never said what position. J.K. Rowling confirmed in a interview with in 2000 that he was a Chaser. Source: Accio-Quote

9. Give Me Education Or Give Me Death!


In the movie, Hermione puts education before life and Ron uses sassmouth to suggest she get perspective. In the book, Hermione's dialogue is on point, but Ron never says those seven wonderful words.

10. The British Ninja Warrior

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In the movie, Harry dodges the troll's attacks ninja style while he waits for Ron to get it together. In the book, Harry jumps on the trolls back and stays there while Ron gets it together without Hermione telling him what to do. You do you, Ron.

11. Total Party Foul, Potter...


In the movie, Harry broom surfed into the winner's circle during his first Quidditch game. In the book, he was flying towards the ground, caught the snitch in his mouth and then coughed it up like a dog on all fours on the field. No broom surfing in reality. (IT IS REALITY)

12. Good Girl Gone Bad


In the movie, Hermione encourages the boys to break rules and venture into the Restricted Section of the Library. In the book, she asks them to keep searching but the restricted section idea was all Harry. Typical.

13. This Girl Don't Mess Around

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In the movie, Ron's shocked when Hermione puts Neville in a full Body-Bind. In the book, she does the spell but Ron's totally cool with it and tells Neville he'll understand later, which is a polite way of saying get over it.

14. Well, That Escalated Quickly

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In the movie, the keys Harry tried to catch via broom to get to the Sorcerer's Stone chased him and pretty much murdered the door after they hastily escaped. In the book, those keys were obviously pacifists because that did not happen.

15. Potter Pulls A Medusa With His Hands

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In the movie, Harry's touch basically turned Quirrell into statue dust in the wind. In the book, Quirrell's skin was just covered in boils and burns. It's never revealed what happened to Quirrell until Goblet of Fire. Dumbledore just says Voldemort (yeah, I'm not scared, I said it) left him to die.

16. None Of Us Are Ever Going Home Now

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In the movie, when Hermione says it's sad to be going home, Harry implies Hogwarts is his true home. In the book, that never happens. Instead, there's a cheeky exchange between Hermione and Harry about how he'll terrorize Dudley with the threat of doing magic all summer.

""Hope you have — er — a good holiday," said Hermione, looking uncertainly after Uncle Vernon, shocked that anyone could be so unpleasant.
"Oh, I will," said Harry, and they were surprised at the grin that was spreading over his face. "They don't know we're not allowed to use magic at home. I'm going to have a lot of fun with Dudley this summer…"


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