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    19 Agonizing Questions "Scandal" Fanatics Want Answered In Season 4


    Season 3 delivered to us the Shonda Rhimes Special. Lots of questions, multiple character deaths and no real sense of closure.

    Dear Shonda, let me get at you for a moment. What's in store for our favorite gladiators in Season 4? How does Olivia never spill wine on her white clothes? And will Huck manage a whole sentence while breathing like a normal human being? (Spoiler Alert: Probably not.)

    1. When is Olivia coming back?! Where did Olivia go?!

    ABC / Via

    Maybe literally standing in the sun with Jake? Beach front property, anyone?

    2. What dramatic event unfolds that demands Olivia's return?

    ABC / Via

    Please don't let it be another Fitz tantrum. Can't we be done with this already?

    3. Will Jake and Olivia be an item when they return?

    3 months is a long time to abstain from Scott Foley. #thirsty

    4. Will David put a ring on it?

    ABC / Via

    Abby Rosen has a nice ring to it. Wait, no, David Whelan. Yup, there we go.

    5. Is Huck going to live happily ever after with Not Quinn and Huck Jr?

    For clarification, I am not shipping this.

    6. Who is going to be the new Harrison now that Harrison is Dead Harrison?

    Btdubs, Rhimes said in an interview Harrison is donzo. So I don't want to hear any of those Harrison Lives theories from you.

    Via ABC /

    7. Will Olivia avenge him?

    Seriously, he always had her back and rallied the troops when everyone was giving her side eye. BFFL policy clearly states that if your BFFL dies while in the line of fire, it's your duty to avenge said BFFL.

    Via ABC /

    8. Does Quinn still work for B613?


    What's her deal? Who is she now? Will Baby Huck get a lot jealous, pull a Becky and murder his whole family?

    9. Is OPA going to rise from the ashes and put their white hats back on?

    Season 3 saw a lot of turmoil. What once was a strong, well-oiled machine is now an absolute mess. Olivia is the leader who gets teary-eyed at the drop of a hat. Huck can't stop licking Quinn long enough to do his job. Quinn - there's not enough time to discuss the multitude of issues Quinn has. RIP Harrison. I mean, it's a sad day when Judgmental Judy (aka Abby) is the most likable character.

    Via ABC /

    10. Will Olivia find out Papa Pope Had Jerry 86ed?

    ABC / Via

    Damn, Papa Pope, why you gotta be so cold?

    11. Will Mellie and Fitz unite in grief, especially now that he knows about the rape?

    AP Photo/ABC, Ron Tom

    Their relationship is about as old and worn out as Fitz+Olivia. I'd really like to see them become a united front, even if it's not a romantic one.

    12. Is Charlie going to come after Quinn or is that ish done now?

    ABC / Via

    Took me so long to warm up to this that by the time I was into it, they took it away! One of a bajillion times I have been personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes.

    13. Will Cyrus start dating? What will he do to fill the James-sized hole in his heart?

    ABC / Via

    If he can find a way to avenge James' death without killing Jake, I'll allow for it.

    14. When are they going to take Mama Pope out of the hole?

    ABC / Via

    More importantly, what's she gonna do when she gets out? 'Cause you know she gonna be mad as hell.

    15. Are there more missing viral diseases in B613 possession?

    ABC / Via

    It's going to look pretty suspicious if everyone who defies the Grant Administration bites the dust from bacterial meningitis. Lookin' at you, Andrew Nichols. Speaking of...

    16. What will happen with Andrew Nichols?

    ABC / Via

    He's on the ticket, no takebacksies. Can he and Mellie keep their distance for the next four years?

    17. Where is Ellis Grey? Oh, my bad. I mean Sally Langston.

    ABC / Via

    Murder charge or nah?

    18. Are we ever going to get backstory on Tom?

    Reddit / Via



    Amy Sussman/Invision / AP

    Seriously tho.

    Tune in to ABC on Thursday to find out probably zero of the answers to these questions. Love you though, Shonda.

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