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13 Reasons Why Being Basic Is Perfectly Okay

If loving pumpkin flavored food is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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5. Buying a $6 Starbucks coffee is a big deal. Because we’re perpetually broke.


If you don't like taking time to celebrate the little things and do nice things for yourself, then you can't sit with us. #treatyoself

6. Stand up if you have a fully stocked, perfectly tailored wardrobe. Nobody? No?


Unless you're Kim Kardashian (or any Kardashian really), having literally nothing to wear is a female epidemic. Ladies, we all know about this life. You're probably sitting in your dirty three-day old yoga pants now, ya hobo.

10. Have you ever been apple picking? It’s flippin' delightful.


God forbid women spend time together like normal human beings. We should all start doing crack together in bathroom stalls to help even out this "basic bitch" scale.

12. Brunch is socially acceptable day drinking. But classy.

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If you know about pancakes and bacon, you know about true love. Of course we'd want to share that with friends. Guzzling mimosas while we do it is a bonus. But we want to sleep in first.

13. Basic = You like things? How uncool!


Maybe it's time we give this "basic bitch" rap a rest. A joke is funny up until it amounts to degrading an entire gender for valuing comfort and style. Hate on our Instagram filters, hate on our scented candles and poke fun at our leather boots but we know what you're doing on Pinterest. That shit is public. #hypocrite

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