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The 12 Stages Of Being White Girl Wasted

at one point or another everyone has been "that girl"

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1. You're out at the bar with your friends and have gotten sufficiently liquored up

2. Which means you've finally mustered up enough liquid courage to go talk to the hot guy you've been eyeing up all night

oddly enough he didn't go for it. he must be gay.

3. So you try to get a free drink by flirting with the bartender and in your head you're like:

But in reality you're like:

hmm that didn't work either

4. So you move on to the dance floor

5. Except you actually look ridiculous

6. But your bestie stops you from making a complete fool of yourself so you profess your undying love for her

7. Time for a pee break! Luckily you end up talking to a random girl in the bathroom

8. Then you go find your other friends and tell them about some genius idea you came up with

why didn't we go streaking through the park sooner?

9. But one of your more sober friends thinks it's time to call it a night

10. You reluctantly leave and immediately pour your heart out to the cab driver

what if i never find "the one"????

11. And of course no night is complete without a minor injury

you'll definitely feel that one in the morning

12. But you finally manage to make it to bed

happy hangover!

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