Nostalgia List From The Future

These are all things popular today that kids will be nostalgic about in 15 years.

1. You begged your parents to get you the iPhone 5C in your favorite color

Now: you’re lucky you even have the iPhone 14Q.

2. You had to have rainbow loom bracelets in every color

And you were totally jealous when that bitch in health class got the kit and made a million of her own.

3. You definitely had a few arguments over the internet about which of these guys was hottest

And were totally shocked when you found out half of them were gay.

4. These were your best friends every day after school

5. And you could barely wait for the next Hunger Games movie to come out

6. You had to have all the coolest Abercrombie & Fitch clothes despite them being pretty controversial

But you weren’t surprised when they went out of business

7. You desperately wanted your own minion

8. You spent way too much time on this thing

Even though it was only 2D and couldn’t broadcast holograms.

9. You were so pissed when your bestie didn’t like your new Instagram pics

10. You kept up with your fair share of these YouTube channels religiously

11. And when you got bored you would spend hours on Buzzfeed

Oh wait, you still do that ;)

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