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A Typical Day Of The Unemployed

those reality show reruns aren't gonna watch themselves

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It's a weekday morning and you wake up whenever the hell you want

it's not like your life has any purpose right now

You finally peel yourself out of bed and face the big debate of the day: to get dressed or not to get dressed?

does it even matter?

You head to the internet for solace

And check your email for any response from all the jobs you applied to

But apparently you don't have enough experience for an ENTRY LEVEL position

Then you swallow your pride and send your resume to more companies that you'll probably never hear from

You try to make some lunch but there's nothing good to eat since you can't afford deliciousness

One of your parents texts you asking how the job search is going

You wander around the house trying to think of something to do

Back to the internet to browse social media and find relatable memes

You resort to watching tv but all the commercials are for tech schools asking why you don't have a job

Finally you've wasted enough of your life that it's time to meet your employed friends for happy hour

because doing nothing is way more stressful than you'd think

And then you get to listen to everyone talking about their jobs

Everyone leaves early since they have to work in the morning so you sit back and reflect on your accomplishments

Get ready to do it all again tomorrow

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